Support Admin Application


Application for the Support Admin on

Your tasks

  • Supporting the users while solving their problems and processing their requests
  • Solving conflicts and sanction the users if needed
  • Being active and representing the server nicely
  • Living the philosophy of our teamspeak and giving every user a fair chance
  • Being neutral and handing over tasks which conflict with your interests

    You are

  • at least 16 years old
  • able to speak English and a second langugage (e.g. German)
  • well organized to have enough time to fullfill your tasks
  • able to accept critics while you're a constructive part of the team
  • helpful and relaxed
  • experienced in our rules and roughly technical things
  • experiencing fun while working in teams
  • interested in helping others
  • able to speak in a reasonable expression

    Fill the formular for your application. Required fields are marked with stars*. Then upload your application letter which contains at least 300 words. A curriculum vitae is not required but optional.


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